Early hail season start in 2023

After the record-breaking hail season in France in 2022 and one of the most severe droughts that western Europe has ever experienced, it is the turn of March to remind us how fragile our climate has become. 

On 9th and 13th March 2023, thunderstorms crossed the largest part of France, producing large hail. During the first event on 9th March, hail size up to 6 cm in diameter was reported near Limoges (photo). This is the first time, at least since 2000, that such large hailstones are reported in March in France.

Photo: Stephen Clarke – Large hail in Lépinas, Région Limousin, 9 March 2023

In the second event on 13th March, more hail-producing storms were observed, but hail size was a bit smaller, reaching 3 cm in diameter, but again this is exceptional for March. In addition, more than 100.000 lightning strokes were observed in western Europe, between Spain, France and Germany. All the lightning data providers mentioned that this is a record-breaking event, similar to a very stormy summer day in Europe. 

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