All you want to know about climate and real estate risks

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All the Climate & Real Estate Data

The solution for policy underwriting and claim management. Access climate long term models and real estate properties reports.


Leverage on Data4Risk ability to integrate multiple and heterogeneous sources of data such as satellite images, radar data, weather sensors coupled with our AI based algorithms to deliver highly precise risks information.


Enhances residential insurance risk management with AI and advanced analytics for informed decisions and streamlined processes.

What we do?

We are a platform specialized in providing high quality data and risk analysis thanks to an advanced climate solution.

The integration of multiple data sources such as satellite images, radar data, meteorological sensors, and hail sensors, combined with our AI algorithms, allows us to provide accurate information on future climate risks in various geographical areas.

Why setup a prevention and alerting system?

Setting up a prevention alerting system for climate risks are significant and wide-ranging. By leveraging advanced technologies and real-time data, organizations and communities can enhance their resilience, reduce vulnerabilities, and respond proactively to climate-related threats.

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