We use machine and deep learning algorithms to assess risks & anticipate the future

Our team of Data Scientists, Climatologists and Engineers analyse data and develop AI expertise for manageable meteorological predictions. From storms, floods, heatwaves, ice or hail, our clients can quickly adapt to the increasingly changing environment.

We deliver short/longterm customisable alerts so that our clients gain significant economic returns.

D4 Weather

D4 Weather are short term weather alerts as precise as 1 km wide and updated every 60 minutes. We pro-actively inform our clients of risks with precise data, value added information and procedures to follow. These customisable alerts include a personalised message, quick description including a map and times, recommendations and links as well as call center numbers.

For example:

In real time, Telco informs their customers in case of an upcoming storm and provides guidance regarding important box connection.

D4 Historical

D4 Historical is granular historical weather which consist of daily measurements spanning 50 years of data from 5,000 stations throughout Europe. All of which are then combined with simulated and forecasted data. This alert improves efficiency and risk control of weather dependent processes.

For example :

An insurance company will integrate accurate weather information to automatically cross-check the reality of customers statements (ie: digital claims). Incorporate past weather information into product pricing, risk evaluation and investment decision. Risk coverage and insurance product pricing are optimised through Data4Risk accurate data:

  • Resourced Worldwide
  • Weather events : Wind, storm, temperature, rain, snow, ice
  • Data source : MeteoFrance for France + ERA5 for Europe + METAR + SYNOP

D4 Climate Plan

D4 Climate Plan provides reliable medium term weather prediction to optimize sales planning and stock management. A retailer will take into account medium term weather forecast to plan and optimize its product offering. Or an Assistance Call Center can adapt according to the probability of severe weather events.

D4 Flood

D4 Flood alert provides reliable short term weather prediction for floods. It pro-actively informs customers of risks with precise data, value added information and procedures to follow.

For example :

an insurance company will send alerts to its customer portfolio, including preventative information. As for local administrations and public services, they can be informed and then able to take appropriate safety measures.

Data & AI - Services

Data4Risk provides expertise in Data engineering, Data Science and Software.

We help our customers by:
  • Integrating D4 Solutions with your Data Stores and build advanced use cases
  • Creating a learning base out of large amounts of Data (satellite imaging, IOTs, etc)
  • Helping our customers define the best means to leverage Data and AI for each business model

We also build software out of Python, R, Golang and mix-it with our long experience of developing complex platforms (partnering with NetDevices).


Weather & climate know no national boundaries

Without early warning systems, risks can turn into economically-damaging disasters or even lost opportunities.

“Economic losses caused by weather and climate-related extremes over the last 30 years
has amounted to approximately €453 billion”

European Environment Agency Report

“Adaptation to these changes can produce significant economic returns with benefit-cost
ratios ranging from 2:1 to 10:1, and in some cases even higher”

World Meteroroligical Organization


A combination of scientific research, technology and experience gives Data4Risk the edge on innovation, industrialisation and optimised costs.

Our team studies hyper-local weather and climate data. We can focus on a geographical area less than 1 km wide and assess it 24 hours a day. Our Data4Risk Alerts are quick and targeted. Accessible around the globe and adaptable across different industries.

Companies leverage weather and climate data to develop strategies that ultimatelyreduce waste, increase ROI, fine-tune logistics, optimize marketing strategy, and improve resource planning. From Insurance providers, retailers, banks and even public services like
schools and parks, all trust our approchable service.


We are currently developing advanced, high-quality, and easy-to-use products and services that will empower more businesses beyond weather predictions. Stay tuned!

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