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In an era where climate unpredictability and property complexities intersect, our service stands at the forefront of data intelligence, offering precise, comprehensive solutions tailored for insurance underwriting and claims management. We provide access to long-term climate models and detailed real estate property reports, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed, strategic decisions.

Solving Real Problems

Is the district tagged as a priority or under surveillance for potential risks?
When was the building constructed, and does it meet current safety regulations?
Are there any nearby activities that present specific hazards?
What were the real climate conditions at the time of an incident, and how do they impact the claim?
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Key Features

Climate and Weather Data

Access historical and predictive data for all major risks on any specific date. This feature aids in understanding the actual climate conditions at the time of an incident, helping insurers assess claim validity and determine appropriate compensation.

Satellite Image Analysis

Our advanced computer vision algorithms analyze satellite imagery to identify crucial property features such as pools, photovoltaic panels, degraded rooftops, and types of roofs. This analysis provides a detailed overview of the property’s condition and the surrounding environment at any desired address.

Street View Analysis

Complementing our satellite capabilities, street view analysis offers a ground-level perspective of property conditions, further enhancing risk assessment and claim verification processes.

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Don’t let uncertainty dictate your policy decisions. Dive deeper into the details that matter with our comprehensive climate and real estate data analysis for optimal decision making. Reach out now to learn more about our services or to book a personalized consultation. Empower your decision-making with accuracy and precision.