New generation of weather satellites to better anticipate global warmings consequences!


The first of six second-generation European weather satellites is scheduled for launch in late 2024.

It will be equipped with a high-performance atmosphere sounder developed by CNES and built by Airbus. Sentinel-5 is a spectrometer in the ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared and short-infrared ranges.
It monitors globally the main trace gases such as greenhouse gases, methane and carbon monoxide, air quality, ozone distribution and aerosols in the atmosphere. The next mission will feature higher spatial resolution and sensitivity. The instruments will be integrated into the latest generation of polar-orbiting MetOP satellites.
This instrument should allow more reliable weather forecasts, provide scientists with accurate long-term data on climate change, and better detect polluting molecules.

Good news to collect more precise data and to start to anticipate the consequences of global warming!
Please find here more infos to the satellites on the official site of EUMETSAT, the European operational satellite agency for monitoring weather, climate and the environment from space.