Vision: All the Climate & Real Estate Data

The solution for policy underwriting and claim management.
Access climate long term models and real estate properties reports.

Environment data

Vision provides all real estate data needed to assess risks and accompany the underwriting processes.

Is the district tagged as a priority and under surveillance area?  When was the building built? Are there activities presenting specific risks nearby?

Climate conditions

Climate and Weather data at any specific date and for all the main risks.

What were the real climate conditions? Is the claim real? How much should I compensate?

Satellite image analysis

Satellite image analysis   our computer vision algorithms identify the presence of pools, photovoltaic panels, degraded rooftops, type of roofs, surrounding, and many other parameters to qualify the real estate conditions at the desired address.

Street view analysis

Street view computer vision algorithms detect graffitis, cracks, walled windows, building age, state of the facade, and many other data! 

A demo of Vision?